Sale of Indoor Playgrounds and Ball Boxes for Custom Businesses

We show them and offer several model designs so you can get an idea and take as an example although the most appropriate is to design your park or children’s area according to your wishes, measurements and details in a personalized way. Just indicate the square meters you need to cover and we will design several options so you can choose. For structures and playgrounds medium and large can be designed as you wish we will do it to your liking, the limit you put, everything can be adapted to your need.


Complete exterior children’s park and accessories

So if you are going to need playgrounds for sale then it includes:

  • Small house with roof
  • 2 Rockers + two swings seats and swing hook
  • Climbing wall with stones
  • Climbing wall with rope
  • Slide
  • Complete Screws
  • Safety kit for floor – Safety Plus
  • Safety kit for climbing wall – Safety Plus
  • Safety kit for rockers – Safety Plus

This model has many details to enjoy different activities, fun assured. Children can climb, swing and slide down the slide, a good helper to unload the energy of all the kids, and we assure you that they will sleep soundly. Children can climb the house by two climbing walls. For the descent you can use the slide and if you dare you can go down the climbing wall. The imagination of a child has no limit, unleash

Your adventure in your own home or garden. For all children who like to swing, it has two rockers. The perfect playground for your home.

  • We update our games
  • We continue to make new games for the ball parks, and we are already inaugurating with the descent of floats.
  • A descent by a special floor, by which children slide at full speed uploaded in a giant float.
  • What are you waiting to ask us for a budget and renovate your playground putting an area like this?
  • Here we leave some pictures of this new game for playgrounds

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